Dry Needling

Schrier Physical Therapy has been using Dry Needling for over 10 years. We have seen incredible results in all age groups, ranging from high school athletes, to soccer moms, to seniors. There is very little risk of any kind in using this technique.

Dry Needling Questions

What is Dry Needling?

Dry Needling is a treatment technique often used by physical therapists to eliminate
trigger points within muscles and other soft tissues. It requires using a sterile acupuncture needle that is inserted into the trigger point, causing an immediate "release" of the trigger point. This reduces pain, muscle tension and
increases mobility.


What are Trigger Points?

Trigger points are small knots within muscles that are often tense or sore to touch. They can increase pain, limit motion, and decrease field performance. If go untreated they can get worse over time.


Is Dry Needling Painful?

For most people there is little to no discomfort with the insertion of the needle. However, once the needle hits the trigger point, you will experience a "twitch response" which often feels like a quick muscle cramp. Following this technique muscle soreness can be felt up to 24-48 hrs. The application of heat and drinking plenty of fluids usually reduces the soreness.


Is it Acupuncture?

No. Acupuncture and Dry Needling both use a sterile acupuncture needle in treatment. However, the methodologies, techniques, and education are very different. All of Schrier's Physical Therapist are certified and trained to perform Dry Needling in the state of Maryland.


What is Dry Needling Effective for?

Running Injuries
•  Achilles Tedonitis
•  Shin Splits
•  Plantar Fasciitis (Foot Pain)
•  IT Band Syndrome
•  Hamstring Strain

Neck and Shoulder Pain
•  Disk and Nerve Problems
•  Neck Pain
•  TMJ
•  Migraines/Headaches
•  Rotator Cuff
•  Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow)
•  Upper Back and Shoulder

Low Back and Hip Pain
•  Low Back Pain
•  Herniated or Bulging Disc
•  Hip Bursitis
•  Sciatica
•  Stenosis
•  Scoliolis

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